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Red Rock is an HOA Management Company who is changing the game for Homeowners Associations, Townhomes, and Condominiums. With our honest No Nickel-&-Diming Pricing, our obsession with inspiring a better home for your residents, and our efficient tools and software, you're guaranteed to see results in your community. Plus, we're a member of one of the nations leading banks, so service and financial security are always at the top of the list.  Learn More >>
HOA Online Portal Dashboard
HOA Online Portal Dashboard

Easy to navigate, clean, and useful.

HOA Online Account
HOA Online Account

Easily manage your account and pay online with detailed account history.

Board Reporting
Board Reporting

Board members have live access to custom reports for all community information.

HOA Online Portal Dashboard
HOA Online Portal Dashboard

Easy to navigate, clean, and useful.


Mind-blowing Software

Why Choose Red Rock?


  • Flat-Rate Management (no additional fees)

  • At-Will Management Agreement

  • Online Owner Accounts with Board Login

  • Award Winning Customer Service

  • Transparent Financial Reporting in Real-Time

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People say the nicest things… 


“Just a note to say thank you for all you have done for our community this past year…you have exceeded all the other property management companies we have worked with.”

Woody Wilson - Carmel Village, NC


“I'm very happy with you guys. Since you've taken over I've seen a real improvement in our community.”


Jose Aguirre - Savannah, NC


"Red Rock has been very successful at collections. Before this year, we've never collected the entire year's budget. We also like that they don't charge an arm and leg!"


Alice Brite - Amber Ridge, SC

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