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5 Things Your HOA Management Company is Doing Wrong

No Results in HOA

Do you feel that progress is not being made in your community or that each HOA meeting you are give excuses as to why things have not been completed? Most management companies overload their managers with over 20 communities to manage which is no surprise why they miss the ball. We have a different philosophy here at Red Rock. Our managers are responsible for an average of 10 communities which offers more time dedicated to results in your association, not to mention a much happier and enjoyable team.

Poor Communication

If your management company is slow to respond to owners or to the board of directors, it may be time to shop. At Red Rock our response time Service Level Agreement (SLA) is same day and that is in the case that we miss your call or email.

Lack of Reporting

All too many times we see poor HOA financials and a lack of reporting. This can make you as a board feel uneasy about the security and accuracy of your communities funds. That's why Red Rock developed our system to offer Board members with 24/7 online access to all reports and community information in real-time. 

Manager Turnover

Does it seem like you're training a new community manager on your HOA every few months? Manager turnover is a common issue with companies that hire unqualified staff. Red Rock has a reputation of top-tier community managers who are trained, certified, and experienced in the industry. We keep our staff for years and still have founding members with a fun, flexible, and driven culture.

Nickel & Diming

If you're wondering what you're management fees cover because there are so many additional charges added on the community then you may need look deeper. Sadly, many HOA management companies charge more in office supplies and administrative fees than their "low management rate". That's why here at Red Rock, we have a promise to never nickel & dime with our Flat-Rate management fee. 

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