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Why Must the Association Approve My Fence?

Although the association may sometime seem like Big Brother when you want to build a shed or put up a fence, the architechural review program is actually a benefit—not a burden. The association’s design standards are based on harmony with the overall community, consideration for neighbors, and high-quality construction practices. The architechural review commitee (or ARC) program exists to maintain, protect, and enhance the value of your property, and it strives for a balance between individual rights and the good of the entire community.

White Picket Fence

While association members have the biggest stake in property values, others are also very interested in seeing our community well maintained and looking its best. Builders’ reputations and lenders’ financial support are closely connected to the community. Also, public officials have an interest in maintaining and enhancing the community since tax revenues depend on property values.

The association tries to notify new members of its design review requirements as soon after they move in as possible. If we missed you, or if you need another copy, please contact the manager or any member of the Design Review Committee. Also, be sure to consult the Design Review Guidelines if you’re considering any type of exterior design change. These guidelines contain everything you need to know about the approval process, design requirements, and the association’s basic design philosophy. The guidelines even list the changes don’t need to be approved.

If you're interested in submitting an ARC request for your next home improvement project, you can do so by downloading the Home Improvement Form on Red Rock's Account Portal.

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