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Red Rock COVID-19 Response Plan

I know things seem a bit crazy with the COVID-19 outbreak but we're an adaptable bunch here at Red Rock. We are enacting the following steps to protect our communities and our team.

  1. Beginning tomorrow, March 17 all Red Rock offices will be closed with limited staff and all team members will work from home until further notice. All services including, customer service, accounting, violation inspections, work order management, etc., will continue. Thankfully we have the infrastructure to work remotely without any disruptions in our service.

  2. In an act of caution, we will move all Board and HOA meetings to conference calls and web meetings. If you have an annual meeting scheduled and wish to reschedule or move to a virtual option, please let your community manager know.

  3. We are in communication with all vendors and will continue to monitor their service. If any delays or changes are planned in their service we will notify the board and community where applicable.

You may continue to reach out us using the same channels. We'll be here to assist. If you have any questions, please let me know. Stay safe and healthy out there!

-Chris & The Red Rock Team

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