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Red Rock Launches

Hi Neighbor,

We know that caring for your home and managing your account may be challenging for some of us at this time. We want you to know that we understand and care here at Red Rock. We have developed a website,

This website is dedicated to helping you care for your home and connecting you with relief programs if you experience a hardship. You'll find useful articles on caring for your home, links to financial assistance programs, and a forum to connect with fellow owners. Thank you for allowing us to serve you. Stay safe and healthy!

-The Red Rock Team

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14 oct. 2021

Been trying to get covenants and access to this online portal to get to my old HOA info. Cant log on, cant register and after calling and leaving voicemails, dont get calls back. So much foir progress. Not sure what the old company did to get replaced but we went backwards not forwards. Customer service seems to be a forgotten art, unless you owe them money, then they seem to find the time to call you, text you and email you multiple times... Strange how that works. ( They have enough people for that, but not enough to care for customer needs. )


09 juil. 2021

I have lived in this community for 2.5 years. pay 170 a month. a pool is right next to my house and I still can't access it because I can't get someone to send me a pool fob to open the gate. i email and call and leave messages. They promise me they will send one, and still don't have it. every pool season it is the same. I am researching lawyers now because this is insane. they can't take my money over and over again and refuse services that are promised. I'm done taking it.

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